The Results

1st Result

Innovative approaches for fostering social entrepreneurship using agile methodology

This result has two objectives:

1. Innovative Approaches for Fostering Social Entrepreneurship Using Agile Methodology identifies key success factors and maps good practices of Youth Social Entrepreneurship in partner countries and EU.

Country reports:

2. SociallyAgile Training Programme enhances youth entrepreneurial skills in social entrepreneurship, introduces agile methodology for business ideas, and increases self-awareness and empowerment.

2nd Result

SociallyAgile Digital Community

The objective of the 2nd result is to develop the (multilingual) SociallyAgile Digital Community and audiovisual library. This will act as a knowledge hub, containing all training materials and resources, which will be easily accessible to both the target group and general public. The platform will also share success stories of role models in social entrepreneurship and connect young adults with educators, role models, mentors, and peers. It will collect and archive all training materials and outputs to ensure the project’s long-term sustainability.

3rd Result

Pilot Phase & Policy Recommendations

The work package aims to pilot the training program with a selected number of participants and collect grassroots feedback to update and revise if necessary. It also aims to draft a manual for improving policies and practices for youth, NGOs, trainers, leaders, and policymakers and share success stories of socially agile entrepreneurs. The work package also focuses on ensuring the sustainability of the project and achieving high-quality results at the local/national/EU level.